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Experience the unmatched features of Payroll Service Birchington-on-Sea for effortless payroll management.


It has never been simpler to calculate and administer pensions than with our innovative tools. We provide comprehensive reports and seamless data submission to pension authorities and providers.

Payroll Admin Support

We recognise the difficulty of managing payroll for your company. This is why we are here for you, with experts standing by to help you. We can handle all of your payroll needs.

Prompt Reporting

Using Payroll Services Birchington-On-Sea 's prompt reporting tools, you can foresee and view historical reports. Keep track of vital payroll information with ease.

Holidays and Absence

Put an end to holiday and absence-related payroll hassles. Our tool provides precise calculations to ensure compliance with all labour laws and taxes.

Lower Cost

We can save you a substantial amount of time and money. Our services offer a less expensive alternative to in-house payroll management, saving you time and money.

SMP And SSP Calculations

Simplify payroll administration with our SMP and SSP calculators. Get accurate and trustworthy calculations for SSP and maternity pay, streamlining the process and reducing stress.

Submission To HMRC

Streamlined HMRC submission via the RTI system. We also provide you with essential forms such as P11D, P32, P60, and P45. You will never miss a submission with us.

Management Timesheet

Our timesheet management system is efficient and user-friendly, accurately calculating new employees' wages, national insurance, and income tax. The time sheet claims platform simplifies claims for overtime and timeouts.

Fully compliant and time-saving.

Our fully compliant payroll solution will save you time and reduce your stress by keeping you current on HMRC pay rates and tax thresholds. Our newsletter contains the latest HMRC law updates.

Easy process and Quick Additions

Our user-friendly payroll system makes it easy to hire new employees and modify their hourly wages, monthly salaries, and taxable benefits. With simple salary agreement management, you can streamline your HR operations.

Workforce Clock sheet Calculation Tools

Streamline your payroll calculations with timesheets. Automate your payroll process with timesheet calculations to save time and eliminate the need for manual calculations.

Auto Date Driven.

Our date-driven system saves time by accurately computing payments and other obligations without requiring manual data entry. All payroll and HR functions will share a centralised source of truth and a single point of entry.

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